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Hassan Ghaznavi
Site Supervisor

Hassan Ghaznavi has unconventional work experience from different countries that he has lived and worked. From a mechanical supervisor for an oil and gas company - commercial interior design - airline catering construction supervisor - airline catering facility manager - hotel extension supervisor – a small restaurant conversion – a high-end kitchen installation - consumer product design and prototyping a kitchen and small space design.


He has a certificate in OSHA 30 - Recycling and Resource Management - Photovoltaic design and installation. Fluent in Autodesk design software including AutoCad, Revit, Inventor. Design is his passion to solve problems or create a solution, especially 3D design and prototyping.


His priority is health so physical activities like running, calisthenics and healthy fresh food is main part of his daily life to improve physical and mental health. He is a fan of outdoor activities and travel.


His motto is to be nice to everyone as you don’t know what is happening in people’s lives.

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