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Recently completed residential project at 200 West End Avenue, NYC

Recently completed residential project at 200 West End Avenue, NYC. Aerial is proud to partner with Bella Mancini Design on this exciting residential project.

This 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment in the Upper West Side was originally built in the 80s. The previous owner kept the apt in pristine condition but the new owner wanted to add their personal touches with an updated look. The design team created a vision of a home that is modern and cozy with a focus on new fire place for the chilly winters nights, framed with custom walnut wall cladding and shelves.

The ceiling was dropped to bring more light into the space using space saving recessed lighting while we were able to maintain the high ceiling. Each bedroom features each occupants individual taste: the wall paper in the son’s room helps set the background to display his musical talent, Venetian plaster in the master bedroom to bring the occupant back to the days of an Italian villa and clean white walls to highlight the different textures and trinkets the daughter would display.

Design: Bella Mancini Design

Project Manager: Lisa Lee - Senior Project Manager, Aerial Design and Build

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