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Hospitality Projects

Aerial Design and Build is a member of the New York City Hospitality Group. 


Talea West Village, NYC

MisiPasta, NYC

Tacos Güey, NYC

Talea Bryant Park, NYC

Rosemary’s Pizza, NYC

Lazy Sundae Bubble Tea, NYC

Libertine, NYC

Fini Pizza, Brooklyn, NYC

Andanada 141 W 69th St NYC

La Pecora Bianca, NYC

Tacombi, Brooklyn, NYC

Panorama, NYC

Verde Curated Greens, NYC

Boba Guys, NYC

Sticky’s Finger Joint, NYC

Birch Coffee, NYC

Desi Shack 331 Lexington Ave, NYC

Meme’s Diner, NYC

Frankie Goes to Bollywood, NYC

Pouring Ribbons, NYC

Bar Fry, NYC

Pop Karma, NYC

Victory Garden, NYC

Beer Culture, UWS, NYC

Temple Bar, NYC

Cosme, NYC

Maman Bakery, NYC

The Gander, NYC

Chalait, NYC

Nobletree Coffee, NYC

Downtown Yogurt, NYC

Fatty Cue 50 Carmine St, NYC

Desi Shack 4th Ave, NYC

Fatty Cue 91 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NYC

Recette, NYC

Pig and Khao, NYC

Hotel On Rivington, NYC

Ando Kitchen, NYC


Grey Dog, NYC

Indian Accent Restaurant, NYC

Villanelle, NYC

Paowalla, NYC

Little Owl the Townhouse, NYC

Junzi Kitchen, NYC

Schmackary's, NYC

Three Owls Market, NYC

Lucky Lee's, NYC

Tiki Tabu Bar at SIXTY LES Hotel, NYC

Ancolie, NYC

5 Napkin Burger, NYC

Reviver, NYC

Family Recipe, NYC

Cannelle, Long Island City, NYC

Padoca Bakery, NYC

Perla Minetta Lane, NYC

High Heat Burgers and Tap, NYC

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