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Bhumi Shah
VP of Project Operations

Bhumi Shah has 16 years of onsite experience working in various mid-size commercial and residential projects in and around NYC, renovation and expansion of a convention center, design development of a courthouse, corporate interiors and furniture design and planning. With such an array of projects in her bag along with her ability to multitask, Bhumi has competently seen through many complex projects for Aerial Design & Build.

Bhumi has a Masters in Architecture from Texas A&M University where she was awarded the Pahlmann Scholarship for excellence in the field of Interior Architecture. She has also worked with various architectural firms to provide them with the zoning and building code compliance services. A LEED Accredited professional, Bhumi has experience in coordinating sustainability issues necessary to achieve the USGBC green building rating. She has also worked on schematic design drawings for a heliport project in New Jersey.

A multitasker and knowledgeable in all aspects of project management, Bhumi is able to anticipate issues and solve them effectively. Outside of design, Bhumi enjoys photography, art and travelling and one of her photographs was even published in National Geographic. A positive thinker, her mantra in life is to ‘Keep Going’.

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