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Indra Jagnarine 
Administrative Assistant

Indra Jagnarine coordinates all material purchases and delivery schedules to maintain smooth running of all operations. Detail oriented and dedicated, evaluating suppliers, reviewing material/product quality, delivery schedule, building relationship with suppliers, and coordination with the project management team on an everyday basis. 

Business Manager with 10+ years’ experience across the medical and real estate sectors. Currently enrolled in pursuing a Certificate in Administration Indra has always been and is currently very willing to participate in activities, involving herself in event planning, performing in cultural events, and other activities. With such great coordination and communication skills she performs a role effortlessly. She also ensures that all purchase requirements are met according to specifications provided by the customer and the on-site team.


Indra's work ethics, ability to follow directions and being very organized makes her very good at her job. She is a great team player. She loves to listen to music, to make new friends, try new food, enjoy cooking and to learn new things.

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