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Jevaun Chambers

Project Manager

Jevaun Chambers brings in just the right expertise into Team Aerial with his proficiency in carpentry and plumbing alongside the day-to-day onsite working of a Project Manager. He started his career working construction for his uncle’s plumbing company and soon got himself a job with NYC Precision where he gained 6 years of experience working on various residential and commercial construction sites. Hardworking, driven and inclined towards designing, Jevaun shifted from construction work and landed a job as a Junior Designer with Marvel Architects where he helped secure major projects due to his creative model designs.

Discovering his love for design and equipped with remarkable construction experience, getting into Architecture was a forgone conclusion. Currently he is pursuing his Undergrad Degree in Architecture at City College, New York.

Jevaun loves nature and spends a lot of his spare time hiking. He has also worked as an outdoor educator and volunteered for Christodora, an NGO, to briefly run their conservation program - The New Youth Conservationist at the NYBG. He dreams of traveling the world to experience different cultures and help those in need.

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