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Neelu Marigoudar

Project Manager

Neelu Marigoudar, with a bachelor’s in architecture from Bangalore, India and a master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Systems from Pratt Institute, New York, has four years of professional experience in architectural design, planning and construction in both the countries. In addition she is also a LEED Green Associate and a registered architect at the Council of Architecture, India. During her student years, she took part in outreach activities while working at city agencies and non-profit organizations.


Prior to joining Aerial Design and Build, she was on the other end of the trade, at leading architectural manufacturing and design firms where she held various leadership positions. During leisure hours, Neelu loves traveling, cooking, photography and practicing yoga. She thrives for any opportunity to mend her skill sets and knowledge. Currently, learning German has been a passion of hers and her goal is to speak the language fluently.

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