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Samara Mahendru
Senior Project Manager

Samara Mahendru has over 15 years of experience in the design and construction industry and has been part of many diverse and exciting projects in New York. She is excellent at visual presentations and has the ability to express thoughts into simple graphs, diagrams and layouts. Samara is also Founder and Art Director of a textile brand which she successfully manages singlehandedly for the past many years.

Samara is an Architecture Graduate and ‘Master of Science’ in Communication Design. As an LEED accredited professional she believes in sustainable practices and her current goals are recycling/reusing and reducing consumerism. Her vast experience and knowledge makes her extremely competent and dependable and an excellent communicator which eventually ables her to provide clear direction to her team.

Outside of work Samara loves to read, watch documentaries, and be aware of current affairs and global phenomena.

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