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Shayenna Telles
Senior Project Manager

Shayenna Telles is OSHA certified professional. She has an outstanding background in computing and helped implement the usage of the PROCORE software to increase efficiency and productivity for her team.

Devoted to furthering her education, Shayenna has taken the following classes at NYU relevant to her field - Preconstruction Project Planning, Construction Field Management and Obtaining New York City Building Permits, Approvals and Certificates of Occupancy and Reading, and Interpreting Construction Documents.

Attentive, efficient, and patient, Shayenna offers valuable support and assistance to the Team. She has a positive attitude and mindful approach which creates a comfortable work environment for her team as well as her clients. When not working, she enjoys music/podcasts, art, literature, and karaoke. She is also a regular volunteer at New York Cares.

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